In ProgrammableWeb’s “The New API: Apps, Partners, Income” , API is discussed as no longer a “NICE TO HAVE”. It is now a “MUST HAVE” for businesses. API should now stand for Apps Partners Income.

Partners is where FanFeedr comes in:

Some app creators are enlightened from the get-go. Alibras and FanFeedr each launched their APIs and apps on the same day. Why not? They needed them for the app anyway. Others need more encouragement, which often comes from potential partners, or even internal teams. The ESPN API developed out of the public eye for two years before it launched.

Be sure to get your Must Have FanFeedr API today.





We hope that you have been enjoying the playoffs in the NBA and NHL, Major League Baseball, transfer rumo(u)rs in football and Formula 1.


  • Added Tweets from players and broadcasters directly on team pages, like this one for the Yankees.

Bug fixes

  • We updated the new logos for the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz (we had the old Jazz logo. Jay-Z didn’t design that one.)
  • Got rid of our merchandise widget. It wasn’t performing well.
  • Re-instituted the Like button on our sports photos
  • Fixed MLS scores (they weren’t behaving)
  • Fixed Redis caching for stories on the homepage, as it was too sticky


  • Added a suite of back-end monitoring tools to better serve you

Thanks, FanFeedr

Folks, A couple of changes for your benefit.

Ease of use

  • We reorganized the FanFeedr homepage to be, shall we say, less cryptic
  • We made sure that the page looks good on tablet devices. Okay, on iPads, to be clear.


  • We have sped up the entire system so that you will get your sports news as fast as possible
  • We have implemented a more robust caching system to improve the page load time on the site


  • There is a scoreboard on the homepage
  • Scoreboards are now bold-facing the team that won
  • Team names in the scoreboard are clickable.

Thanks as always, and let us know what you think, FanFeedr


This past software development sprint had some minor UX improvements and bug fixes.


  • Photos are now fully published to both Facebook and Twitter. They were only publishing intermittently before.
  • Scores from completed games were occasionally not showing the final score. That has been fixed.
  • Scores in La Liga and Serie A are also correct at all times.

User Experience

Bug fixes

  • We fixed our Facebook embeds to show up better in Facebook.
  • Scores in the Game Center were oddly stuck at the beginning of March. They now reflect the current day.
  • We have fully rolled out cache-busting, so that all of you will see improvements as they happen, without having to flush your cache, which we can all agree is a silly system.
  • The search box that is on every page was “acting flaky” to use the technical term of art. That has been resolved.

Thanks for using the service, and feedback appreciated, FanFeedr


We made some recent site improvements that we wanted to pass along.

  • SEO enhancements
  • Added team logos to our social media page
  • Fixed color errors on the team pages
  • Fixed the Like/Share buttons on the photo pages
  • Fixed the missing logos on Game Center items for team pages
  • Improved the Fanatics widget on the team pages

Thank you as always for using the site, and we look forward to your feedback.

Thanks, FanFeedr



We wanted to let everyone know of the upcoming changes to the API. The push to production will occur on the afternoon of 29 February 2012 and will not result in any downtime.

One note, we’ve added pagination in a backward-compatible way to many of the calls (listed below). We encourage everyone to start planning on incorporating the pagination into their software. Documentation will be updated to reflect these changes when we make the push to production.

Thank you for your patience as we tackle some of these larger issues we’ve been experiencing.

Here is a more detailed list of the outward facing changes:

1. Several improvements to our event systems that will result in more accurate dates and times across sports.
2. Correct player ID’s will now be included in our boxscores.
3. Some api calls will now have pagination. All calls with pagination will default to page 0 for compatibility reasons. They will also accept a get parameter ‘page’ which will specify which page should be returned (0 … N). affected calls:
* /persons call will now be restricted to 100 persons
* /events call will now be restricted to 100 events
* /events/preseason call will now be restricted to 100 events
* /events/season call will now be restricted to 100 events
* /events/postseason call will now be restricted to 100 events
* /events/next call will now be restricted to 10 events
* /events/last call will now be restricted to 10 events

Please reply to this topic with any questions or comments.

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FanFeedr News launched back early December to become a spoke to the FanFeedr hub. Site goals were set to be the news outlet reporting breaking news and to drive traffic back to the main site. The staff consisted of three writers posting game previews, recaps, league power rankings and top stories across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & European soccer.

For the month of December, traffic was modest at best due to limited resources and bandwidth.

During the month of January, FanFeedr News decided to bring on 20 team columnists across the four major sports, college basketball and soccer. The columnists covered the games of their assigned teams by writing previews, recaps and features. Fresh content was constantly posted increasing the reach of FanFeedr. However, this was more of a case of a higher quantity than overall quality. The content from the site did not really stand out and got lost in the weeds.

Greg Schneider, FanFeedr community manager, proposed a different approach for FanFeedr News to shake things up. The focus of FanFeedr News should be more timely and more aware of the hottest sports stories a la Deadspin. A team of three writers (Joe Gill, Shlomo Sprung & Paul Farrell) would now generate content based on NFL Head Coaching moves, European Soccer Transfer News, power rankings across all sports & buzz worthy stories.  The rest of the staff would continue with their quality team coverage as before.

The experiment has been a resounding success. As the New Approach Snap Shot illustrates below, the site experienced dramatic traffic growth. The staff is extremely excited about this outcome.


Below is a traffic comparison before (Jan. 6-15) & after (Jan.16-25) new approach:

  • Visits increased 110%
  • Unique visitors increased 123%
  • Page views increased 86%


Below is a January (based on 25 days) vs. December (based on 31 days) traffic comparison:

  • Visits increased 135%
  • Unique visitors increased 119%
  • Page Views increased 126%

With this new found success and re-positioning, FanFeedr News has been re-branded FanFeedr Hot Takes. FanFeedr Hot Takes strives to be the one stop shop for team news and buzz worthy content.

Features, bug fixes, and more.

  • User experience
    • Made it so you can click photos directly from the home page
    • Made it so you can click a photo to see the next in the series, ad infinitum
    • We added in a widget on NFL team pages in partnership with Fanatics that allows you to get the best team merchandise, like, oh, say, a Tebow jersey
    • Added in a widget for new users coming from Twitter and Facebook to better explain the interface
    • Created a press room with mentions of FanFeedr in the news
  • API
    • We remedied having multiple representation of the same team for NCAA events
    • Fixed the NFL next game query
    • Fixed a bug that made events/last results inaccurate
    • Deleted an events “geo” call that existed in the documentation, but, unfortunately, not in real life
    • Amended calls for home/away teams, which were occasionally getting transposed
    • Made it so that the player’s name was linked to his player ID in boxscores

As always, thank you for your support, FanFeedr

FanFeedr News is currently looking for talented sports columnists with WordPress experience to cover teams across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, College Hoops & Football.  FanFeedr News has a columnist incentive program in place which will pay you for your great content! After a 30-day trial period, you can earn upwards to $20 per post if you meet the traffic generation requirements.

Sounds good doesn’t it? What are you waiting for?

We are looking to hit the ground running in 2012, so contact us today. Please email Sports Editor, Joe Gill at [email protected] for further information.

We looking forward to you joining our team!

About FanFeedr

FanFeedr is the best source of sports news and information about your favorite professional and college sports teams.

We offer over 400 distinct, team-specific sites and social media accounts dedicated to providing the most timely and relevant news, photos, video, and sports data about the NFL, Premier League, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Football and Basketball, and MLS. Our content is curated from over 10,000 global websites, newspapers, blogs, official team sites, and Twitter accounts.

Founded in 2008, the company is funded by private investors.

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